Rebate : $8/lot

IB Code : 33312440

What is FBS Rebates?

FBS rebate or FBS cashback is a partial return of the trading spread or commission that you have paid to the broker when opening or closing an order. We provide FBS rebates of 80% of the IB commission, which is up to $ 8 per lot.

FBS Profile

FBS – an international brokerage company, providing high quality financial and investment services worldwide. FBS's goal is to develop and implement high-class service standards to meet the demanding needs of investors.

Since its establishment in 2009, FBS has received various international awards and this is proof that FBS deserves to be a trusted broker. FBS has received awards as “Highly Recommended Broker Insurance Company of the year”, “Best Forex Brand, Asia 2015”, “Best Safety of Client Funds Asia 2015”, “Best broker in Asia-Pacific region 2015”, “Best broker in the Middle East”, and many other awards that have been received by FBS.

FBS activities are regulated by IFSC (International Financial Services Commission). The Commission's mission is to check for effective administration to ensure the protection and safety of investors and traders. IFSC contributes to the healthy and rapid development of the market. The Commission monitors the operations of investment companies to comply with the directives of the legislative and regulatory framework. This public authority has control over activities and operations on the stock exchange. This means that trading with FBS is safe and reliable. You will be protected under international finance laws and never face any legal hurdles. FBS respects the rule of law and wants to resolve any issues in a proper manner.

As an FBS IB we provide a rebate of 80% of the IB commission which is paid directly to your trading account or credited to the rebate balance and can be withdrawn at any time according to the available balance.

FBS Account Types & Rebates

The following is a comparison of the types of FBS accounts, if there are differences in account types, minimum deposit amounts, spreads, commissions, leverage, lot sizes or other trading conditions between our website and the FBS website, this is due to late updates on our website. Opening a live account through us to get rebates does not change the trading conditions of the broker and there are no spread/trading commission markups or hidden fees, if you are still unsure please contact FBS support.

Standard Cent Pro ECN
Leverage hingga 1 : 3000 hingga 1 : 1000 hingga 1 : 2000 hingga 1 : 500
  Execution Speed
Execution Speed from 0.2 sec, STP ECN
Spread floating from 0,5 pip floating from 1 pip floating from 0,3 poin floating from -1 pip
  Top Forex Spreads
Top Forex Spreads EURUSD 0,9 pip, USDJPY 1.1 pip, XAUUSD 2 pip EURUSD 0.6 pip, USDJPY 0.7 pip, XAUUSD 1.5 pip EURUSD 0 pip, USDJPY 0.2 pip, XAUUSD 1.5 pip
  Maximum Open Positions and Pending Orders
Maximum Open Positions and Pending Orders 500 Unlimited
  Order Volumes
Order Volumes from 0.01 up to 500 lot (with step 0.01) from 0.01 up to 1.000 lot sen (with step 0.01) from 0.01 up to 500 lot (with step 0.01) from 0.1 up to 500 lot (with step 0.1)
Commission $ 0.00 $ 6.00 / lot
  Minimum Deposit
Minimum Deposit from $ 1.00 from $ 1000.00 from $ 1.00
  Margin Call / Stop Out
Margin Call / Stop Out 40% / 20% 30% / 10% 40% / 20%
  Instrument Type
Instrument Type 36 Forex pairs, 8 metals, 3 energies, 11 indices, 127 stocks, 5 crypto pairs 28 Forex pairs

How to Get FBS Rebates for Existing Accounts

To connect your trading account to our IB, please follow the steps below :

  1. Login in FBS personal area here
  2. Enter account settings by clicking trading account #1 in the "Real Account" list.
  3. Find the option "Partner ID" then click "Connect".
  4. Then enter our IB code : 33312440, then click the "Connect" button

FBS Rebate Terms and Conditions

  • FBS Rebates are only given to trading accounts registered under CashBackFX IB.
  • Rebates are paid every Monday and a maximum of Wednesday for the automatic rebate method, while for the manual method you can withdraw it at any time according to the available rebate balance.
  • Due to technical reasons, rebates per closed order below $0.01 are not eligible for rebates.