Rebate : 32% of spreads

IB Code : CU22599

What is Headway Rebates?

Rebate Headway or cashback Headway is the return of a portion of the spread or trading commission that you pay to the broker when you open or close a transaction. We provide a Headway rebate of 80% of the IB commission, which is 32% of the spread.

Headway Profile

Headway is an international broker founded by a team of professionals with more than 13 years of experience. This broker makes a design of global financial products closely related to money management, which is for everyone.

Yulia Ivanova, CEO of Headway: "I have taken part in high-profile important projects and dealt with many clients. Now, we are ready to launch a broker that puts the interests of traders above all else".

Trading in local currencies and transparently, the services at Headway include unique options for both beginners and professionals. Clients can start with a minimum deposit of $1 on a Cent, Standard or Pro account.

As a Headway IB we provide a rebate of 80% of the IB commission which is paid directly to your trading account or credited to the rebate balance and can be withdrawn at any time according to the available balance.

Headway Account Types & Rebates

The following is a comparison of Headway account types, if there are different account types or trading conditions between our website and the Headway website, this is due to late updates on our website. Opening a live account through us to get rebates does not change the trading conditions of the broker and there are no spread/trading commission markups or hidden fees, if you are still unsure please contact Headway support.

Cent Standard Pro
Deposit Minimum
Deposit Minimum $ 1.00 $ 10.00 $ 100.00
  Account Currencies
Account Currencies USD USD, EUR, IDR, JPY, THB
Spread Start Range 0.3 Start Range 0.0
Stocks, indices and FX indices are available for trading on MT5
Stocks, indices and FX indices are available for trading on MT5
More than 110 :
Forex, cryptocurrency, metals, energy
More than 240 :
Forex, cryptocurrencies, metals, energies, stocks, indices, index FX
  Maximum lot size
Maximum lot size 1000 500 Unlimited
  Maximum Number of Positions
Maximum Number of Positions 300 1000 Unlimited
Commission Without Up to 1.25$ each side each lot
  Minimum Lot Size
Minimum Lot Size 0.01 0.1
  Basic Specifications
Basic Specifications
Unlimited leverage can be used for a trading volume of 5 lots
Unlimited leverage can be used for a trading volume of 5 lots
from 1:1 to 1:Unlimited
  Order Execution
Order Execution from 0.16 seconds
  Sharia Account
Sharia Account
  Limits & Stop Levels
Limits & Stop Levels 0
  Margin Call
Margin Call 30 %
  Stop Out
Stop Out 0 %

How to Switch Headway IB

To get a Headway rebate if you already have an account, please follow the steps below :

  1. Please copy the text below then paste and send an email to: care@hw.site using gmail / other emails
  2. E-mail subject: IB placement

    Dear Headway Team,

    please move my account .......... to IB CU22599 thanks