How to Get Rebates

We provide forex rebates (cashback) or spread returns to all clients who open a live account from one of our partner brokers using our IB link. The forex rebates that we provide vary from one broker to another, and rebates for some brokers reach 85% of the commission we receive. Rebates are given regardless of closing your trade in a state of loss or profit, you will still get it.

Steps to Get Rebate from CashBackFX :

  1. Sign Up, register to become a member of CashBackFX to see your rebate statistics at any time.
  2. Open a live brokerage account or moving IB, you can open several live accounts from our partner brokers and get rebates from each of these brokers.
  3. Validate trading account, add the trading account in the member area CashBackFX. You can add multiple accounts and brokers.
  4. Rebate settings are made when you make an account claim, automatic rebate settings to your trading account / partner account
  5. Deposit your account, You are free to use the deposit method available at the broker. Trading as usual, your rebate will be paid according to the rebate payment schedule.

Rebate Program General Terms and Conditions

The following are the general terms and conditions for rebates, for the rebate conditions for each broker, please look at the respective broker's page.

  • Rebates are only given to trading accounts registered under IB CashBackFX.
  • Each trading account is validated (added) on CashBackFX member area. Delays in validating accounts in the CashBackFX member area will result in a portion of your rebates being forfeited, rebate history for accounts that are late validation (added) in the member area will only appear one week (7 days) back after the account was validated.
  • The amount of rebate given depends on our partner broker rebate rates, please use the rebate calculator beside to estimate your rebate.
  • The minimum rebate payment depends on the payment system you choose, see payment system.
  • If it is less than the minimum rebate payment, it will be accumulated to the next period.
  • Rebates are calculated automatically based on the rebate rate that we offer, without the intervention of our admin or staff.
  • Due to technical reasons, rebates below $0.01 (accumulation of closed orders in a day, not single orders) are not shown in the daily rebate report.