Forex Rebates

Maybe there are still many who don't know what forex rebate is, especially for friends who have just joined the forex industry, but for those who have been in this industry for a long time, the word forex rebate is no stranger to them.

Forex rebates are rebates or partial returns of spreads or commissions that traders have paid to brokers for the order transactions they have made. For example, when you make a EURUSD transaction of 1 standard lot (contract size 100,000) with a spread of 2 pips, then when you place an order, your transaction will immediately minus (-) 2 pips or $20, which means you have paid the broker $20 for your transaction.

With the forex rebate that we provide, we will partially return the spread or commission that you pay to the broker to you using the rebate payment system that we provide, either using a trading account, local bank or e-currency, please see the rebate payment system here. For example, from the example transaction above, we provide a rebate of 0.75 pips, then you will get a rebate of $ 7.5, imagine if in a month you trade 20 lots, you will get a rebate of 20 lots x $ 7.5 = $ 150. The rebate rate can be in the form of the number of pips, the amount of USD/lot or the percentage of your trading spread/commission.

The forex rebate is an additional income that allows traders to increase profits or reduce losses from each trading transaction, because forex rebates are given for all closing transactions both in profit and loss conditions. Maybe someone is wondering where do we get the funds to pay your rebates?, we need to inform you that we get a commission from every client who opens an account through our partnership link without any spread/commission markup or changing the trading conditions of the broker, and most of them we will return the commission to you. If the highest percentage of rebates for some brokers reaches 85% of the commission we receive from the broker we return to you in the form of forex rebates.

The amount of rebate you get depends on three things :

1. Rebate rates for our selected broker partners
2. Rebate rates for our selected broker partners
3. The volume and amount of your transactions during the rebate period

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